NME assists brokers in retaining loyal clients by developing self-funded healthcare cost containment strategies. This allows the independent broker to stay ahead of its competition in addressing the trend toward self-funded employer sponsored health plans. This added expertise allows the broker to capitalize on its strong client relationships, retaining all current lines of business and fortifying their ability to expand their healthcare business with existing and new clients. Utilizing the resources of NME will help build employer confidence in the brokerage and its agents’ expertise in formulating self-funded risk management solutions for their employee benefit programs.

What our clients are saying:

“I just started doing business with NME because they brought me options and solutions on two critical January 1 renewals, and helped me to retain the health coverage with both of those key clients.  Going forward, I am going to work with them in an effort to grow my agency by confidently pursuing the healthcare coverage with my traditional P&C clients.”
-Independent Broker | Washington, Indiana

“Because of the breadth of carriers with which they have developed strong business relationships, I can take any of my self-funded cases to NME and have confidence that they will be able to find the competitive coverage that I need for my loyal and prospective customers.”
-Vice President of Health and Wellness | Indianapolis, Indiana

“My loyal healthcare clients depend on me to keep them current with the most effective ways to attempt to control their cost of employee benefits. I depend on National Medical Excess (NME) to help me formulate the most cost effective and comprehensive health proposal for my self-funded clients and prospects. NME’s self-funding expertise and working relationship with over 25 carriers gives me confidence that I will present the best package to my loyal clients and prospective clients in need of that same help. I have worked many years to develop the business relationships that I enjoy, and NME helps me retain that business and sharply compete for new accounts as well.”
-Independent Broker | Toledo, Ohio

“I have found National Medical Excess to be very proactive and quick to address and resolve any issues.  They are always willing to offer there assistance and I would consider them one of the more involved and customer oriented brokers I have worked with in the past few years.”
-Assistant Vice President, Claims | Chicago Area Managing General Underwriter

Result: More competitive pricing

  • Improved close ratio
  • Enhanced product/technical expertise
  • Enhanced claims payment leverage