Employer Groups

Municipal Trusts/Employer Consortiums/Associations/Native American Tribes

NME has implemented the strategic initiatives of multiple employer groups that have joined together to provide a more efficient delivery system for employee healthcare benefits. By pooling with other employers these organizations endeavor to protect their benefit levels by increasing their purchasing power as they pursue access to the self-insured market. In addition to placing stop loss coverage, NME can assist in creating the rules of operation such as governance structure, entry and exit procedures, premium rate setting, benefit plan design, reporting procedures and record keeping. NME has broad experience in guiding the operations of employer groups that involve multiple benefit plans, networks and TPA’s.

What our clients are saying:

“NME helped us focus our sales and marketing effort, transition our operating organizational structure, install a very workable and effective system for underwriting renewals as well as new cases and optimized our presentation and standing with the medical stop loss carriers. They gave us very good value for our money.” – Director, Florida Municipal Trust

“Over the years I’ve had to change TPA’s for my Tribal Government client because of service and competitiveness issues. NME had no trouble getting me more competitive stop loss pricing over the new TPA and their rental network and again over their newest “Blue Plan” Administration and Network. NME has helped me now for years to retain a good client by helping me control costs, and by offering us a seamless transition over networks and administrators.” -Independent Broker/Consultant, California

Result: More competitive pricing

  • Improved close ratio
  • Enhanced risk pooling expertise
  • Enhanced product/technical expertise
  • Enhanced claims payment leverage
  • Enhanced operational processes
  • Enhanced underwriting and rate setting