Health Plans

NME works with Regional Health Plans to better position their product and lend sales and administrative expertise which results in an enhanced competitive position for the organization. Our close relationship with our strategic stop loss carrier partners assures that the full financial benefit of the health plan network is realized in the underwriting process and that assures the highest level of competitiveness in the market. That competitive advantage is further strengthened by our experience with further cost containment alternatives such as Risk Sharing (revenue opportunity for the Health Plan) Captives and various Disease Management vendors and tools. Further, NME lends assistance to resource challenged marketing and administrative staffs which enhances the Health Plan’s ability to establish and communicate the clear cost and operational advantages that they bring to their local market.

What our clients are saying:

“Working with NME, we are assured of getting full credit for the quality of our provider network, strong counsel and advocacy in the pursuit of large claim reimbursements, and exposure to a much broader spectrum of carriers than we could achieve on our own. Their expert assistance with new and existing client presentations is much appreciated and valued, as well.”
-Director, Wisconsin Regional Health Plan

Result: More competitive pricing

  • Improved close ratio
  • Managed Portfolio of Stop Loss
  • Stop Loss placement decisions based upon strategic direction of the plan
  • Enhanced product/technical expertise
  • Enhanced claims payment leverage
  • Lowered exposure to E&O